Havok4 & My Store

As many of you may have found out through trial and error and silly flight system problems in my store.. as well as the little notice :: My store, the whole sim is a Havok4 Early Adopter sim. We have been this way for as long as they’ve had it...Read more

The fabulous set has arriiivvveedddd!!

Okay so I guess canvas, tarnished iron, torn and burnt rugs, and crude wood isn’t fabulous to 90% of SecondLifer’s but hey, to me- this set is like the creme de la creme of rustic furniture. Want to seeeee itttt? I bet. Well. I’ll post images in a bit. Lets...Read more

Peasant Set Making Headway:

The second of the large living sets is finally making headway. For a few days I was sort of dumb on what to base the style off of, the bed really was a killer. Today I finally got hit in the head with the two base textures for it. It...Read more

It’s here!

The gorgeous tribal living set is finally here! Yaaayy!I went all out on this one, it’s got so much in it @_@!! 4 Pillow Talk Anims, several Bits n Bobs and a few other misc. It’s GORGEOUS! ;_;Here are some photos of it! =) Hope you like it! I’m anxious...Read more

New Set Nearly Done!

I’ve become rather lazy and slow in my recent work, I’ve picked up small jobs from other people, and become quite blahtastic when I myself are building. I’m just sort of built-out… but! I have managed to get enough energy to make what I promised… the first one anyway. This...Read more

Reduction: All Prim Clothing

Due to my lack of updating and improving the rather dim quality and variety of the prim clothing I hold on the second floor, I reduced the price down, dramatically. All items are full prim, and textured in 4 matching textures, even the 2 other brown and green rope sets...Read more

5 Minutes Into The Day…

Well! That scribery set was released today and it spun me into a whole new world of sets. I want to make sets. I have the craving, to make sets. For a few reasons:* What they see, they get. No dissapointments.* The Pictures look SO much better, when you have...Read more

Slow Day

Today was slow, like normal, both in sales and production. I haven’t released really anything but I do plan on packaging a sort of scribery set as well as an infirmary set. But probably only one will be done today, another tomorrow. I’ll talk about the scribery one, since I...Read more

Some more rereleases

I’m on a roll, re-releasing all my old items I feel are still decent, todays were the sculpted meat rack, the sculpted 3 prim torches (very… eh.. outpost/campy) and my food barrels. I need to do some retexturing and make more of each, but generally they’re pretty nifty. I also...Read more

New Script: New Possibilities

I’ve had a lot of ideas come up with this new script we created for the library bookshelving. The script is really phenominal and moderately low lag, since it’s menu operated. Basically what it does is you put xxx items, ranging from notecards, landmarks, objects, skins, shapes, pretty much everything…...Read more