Spring Cleaning Sale..

I figure at April 25th I will be reducing all the prices of my items back to their normal, then eventually I will be moving them to a new floor where I will host all my ‘retired’ items to be changed out by new stock.I havent decided on location etc...Read more

Greetings From Vacation!

Hi everyone, I’m happy to report my vacation is easing all my late stress to liveable circumstances.I’m here with my partner, Matt (Codered1200 Nemeth) having a great time in the overly sunny San Diego!I should update everyone on the late events and sales at my store so here goes!I did...Read more


Hiyo everyone! I’m so sorry I havent been posting lately.. I’ve been -so- busy in real life with taking care of my grandmothers business, and in SecondLife too.I’m also taking steps to further advertise the business. If you’re interested in seeing where (and feedback would be appreciated) we’ve been listed...Read more

Upcoming Awayness

Hiyo everyone!I just figured I should tell everyone that I will be 90% GONE from March 20th – April 25th. I’ll be in midst a lovely visit with my boyfriend and will be far too busy for silly internets *winks!*I’ll probably pump out a few little projects before then, hopefully...Read more

Add On & Take Away

I’m going to be taking away first…I’m pretty much disowning all unstarted projects. I know, I promised them.But I can’t commit to anything right now.As to adding on, I’m adding on a new servery set. We decided to call it the humble servery set because it’s compiled primarily of pieces...Read more

Production Line: Emergency Shutdown.

Due to a RL problem at 3:00 this morning I am having to stop building for the next week or two.My grandmother was rushed into the emergency room at approximately 7:00pm Friday the 1st, shortly thereafter I was contacted asking for medications due to some complications. I made a drop-by...Read more

Price Slashes All Over!

I decided do to a disparaging remark, sales records, and the ‘slum’ of the market…I’m cutting prices on a select few items throughout my store. You’ll have to visit to see just how low I can go (A hint.. the ID servery has a version for 300L$!!)I reduced prices down...Read more