Lovely new Lights!

Mattsu and I conspired to make some really beautiful new lanterns and lights for those who have dark and dingy homes. They’re truely stunning – 2 prims per lantern (sculpted base and torus hook) and are no modify, but come in either copy or trans perms.They also come either single...Read more


I’ve begun releasing more, this is just an update on new items basically. My new releases this past week have only been few. One of them is a butter churn and it is for sale at 100L$.The second is a group of 5 items which are flexi fluffy boots. They’re...Read more

Oho so much neglect

Okay, well I suppose I’ll update now –This week I’ve done many renovations including adding/adding onto my Low L$ Low Prim Room with items such as tons of seating, two serveries, lighting of various textures and sizes with functional script of course. We have also 3 styles of beds with...Read more

A bit of a delay!

I’ve been unable to get to my blog for a few days, blogger was giving me weird cookie errors, but it’s fixed now!I have redone and removed my old Iron Diamond Servery, now it is Iron Diamond Deluxe.I wont post the entire notecard here, but basically it is (from what...Read more