A Few Plans & Such..

Well, I have been thinking for some time of my original goal to put the entire store on the ground..And it’s become an unrealistic goal, or so I think, unless I make a few rather ugly additions to store the primarily vendor boxed items. I *am* thinking of possibly putting...Read more

-Final Day-

Tomorrow-Tuesday the 24th is the *final* day I will be on for most the day for business.At appx 5pm I will officially be off the production line for 2.5 months on and off. Please understand this does not effect customer service too drastically. Like I have been for a few...Read more

Hi All!

I’m going to give a bit of heartfelt person to person today ~ My partner, Matt aka Codered1200 Nemeth is coming to visit again!We have an apartment temporarily which is just a few over from here, so it wont be hard to come back to my grandmothers and use her...Read more

[DDD] First Newsletter!

Dysfunctional Dolly Designs Newsletter! -16th June 2008-_________________________________________________ Dysfunctional Dolly Designs (DDD) is devoted to bringing you the best and most varied rustic creations in Second Life.Owned and run by Nyalee Mirrikh, this newsletter was created to showcase new products and freebies, inform of newdevelopments, and give the creators a somewhat...Read more


Sorry all. Time for a RL Hiatus for me. Releases will be few and far between. Freebies may also become a bimonthly or monthly event instead of the weekly we are currently doing… I doubt it though. It should be just this month that the delays will occur while I...Read more