Updated Torches

We also updated our awesome mesh torches – only the non candle versions needed the update though… First off, they have the new fire texture like the braziers… Making them a LOT more realistic. Secondly, we removed an awry script in them, they are now only 2 prims like their...Read more

A Wild Brazier Appears!

My favorite releases of all the items so far is our brand new Braziers! They were released on the 16th of Feb (2012! for all you late to the party!) and are only 2 prims equivalent/LI each which means even though they are composed of 3 parts, they only count...Read more

Bookcases Released!

Attached is all the current released bookcases, ranging from 1 prim to a max of 3! They’re all no mod, copy, no transfer, and 100% hand made mesh. We are so excited to offer them to you! Price is 125 for A and B varieties, and 195 for the C/D/E...Read more

Bookcases! Bookcases! Bookcases!

I just wanted to do a quick post about our awesome bookcases that we have out, and a sneak peek of the ones we are about to release! The above image is a preview of the short bench-style bookcases we will be releasing. We intend on having scripted versions with...Read more


I would like to announce the re-opening of our blog! Please check out the awesome new and great items we have released, almost all of them done in mesh and extremely low prim, while retaining our typical quality! We’re also open on the Marketplace with over a dozen freebies currently...Read more