25L$ Tues again! Adorable little box

25L$ Tues is back again! Wohoo! I have one new item for it, and hopefully you’ll like it! It’s the “Collectors Box” – it has a myriad of jars, pouches, cloth bundles.. and all at only 2 prims. It’s not 2D, it’s 3D! The items are really there, and the...Read more

25L$ Tues & New Book-shelves!

Yep! That’s right, we finally got into 25L$ Tuesday, so this week we’re kicking it off with 2 products: First, a 4 pack of sculpted rugs that usually sells for 140L$ – released last week &secondly – books on a shelf for just one prim! – the ones seen in...Read more

Mini-Release Out!

I decided I hated the alpha layer rugs in the store, so I quickly applied some shading to the textures and put them in a plane sculpted base, there is round and square in both the brown & black colours. I didn’t like the white one so it is not...Read more

New fireplaces, done!

Our new fireplaces are out at Dysfunctional Designs – they’re 3 prims without the smokestack, 4 with – and of course 100% Mesh! They feature hand baked shadows, realistic mesh fire, and the option to have subtle crackling sounds. There is two styles, with the non-corner version having two options...Read more

They’re donnneee

Fireplaces are done, all we can say to that is “Fucking finally.” We have spent a week working out the kinks and quirks to these things, and I cut them down to 4 options and 3 varieties. Grate style 1 and 2 are sold separately, and a corner version has...Read more

Almost done

Fireplace display models are out at the store now, we’re also participating in this weeks 30L$ Saturday rounds with an adorable rug featuring 2 animations, 7 sculpted prims, and dispensing props. It is NOT mesh. The hunt also begins this week, and it is a ’round’ hunt, so start at...Read more

Style one finished!

While we anticipate more versions to come out soon, we were rushing to finish this by the Beauty & the Freak Hunt that we’re participating in as it is the cute little logs in a basket which compliment the fireplaces quite well. We decided to not script them, mainly due...Read more

Fires Picture TERRIBLY! Just fyi :D

I decided to upload some images of the fire products on a black background so you can see they look a lot better than on the white in the advertisements… I really suggest seeing them in world though as there are animated textures and subtle particle effects that complete the...Read more