It’s been awhile, but! Horn Lighting is here!

Hey, it’s been awhile since our last release, huh? Well, we’ve both been having computer issues, and I’m afraid the storm hasn’t fully weathered over – but we managed to push some stuff out at least! Since we’re operating again (and I at least, am on a new PC) –...Read more

Where are we?

It’s been over 2 weeks since we released a normal product, I know – there is good reason… We were working on bath tubs when we encountered sudden computer failing, and currently we have no files at all. Code, the other designer, is working fervently to come up with new...Read more

25L$ Tues again

It’s here again, 25L$ Tues! Our other designers computer has crashed, so the ideas we had for this weeks round are out, but I improvised and have made a lovely tunic set for males & females. It is white featuring green accents and brown ties in the back, with either...Read more

New Group Freebie :D

I set out to find a unique group freebie that people might like, especially something for both genders. So I made a tunic for men and women alike, each has a specially sized belt and different textured top (men don’t have boobs as it turns out, or nearly as wide...Read more

Freebies are always good

Anyone who has been in my store group, or known me for any amount of time knows I have some type of addiction to giving things away. I admit it too, I have some secret itch to give freebies away. So I was a little irritable when I got complaints...Read more