Alcohol! Everyone loves it, everyone wants it. Lots of it. What better than a GIANT cask of ale?! This big thing is 2m tall! We have it in 5 varieties and one with a texture change menu – normal are 100L$ each & the texture change is 285L$. They’re copy...Read more

Fight off Scurvy!

Fight away scurvy with our new fruit barrels! Oranges, Lemons, and two varieties of bright apples! Only one prim each and always copyable, made from mesh. At a bargain price of 100L$ each you can get them on the marketplace, inworld @ Neyo, and from any inworld vendor!Read more

Last weekend for Home Expo RFL Stuff

Hi all! I just wanted to remind everyone that it is the LAST WEEKEND to visit our displays at the Home & Garden Expo where two brand new items are both being sold with 100% donation to Relay for Life! They’re 145 L$ each and have been very popular so...Read more

Turnishes, Carrots, and Ferns! Oh my~!

Hello all 😀 We finished some more stuff, but things you might not expect… Outdoor tiny garden plots – little ones perfect for a home. They’re sectioned off and super duper low prim (1 each only!) so you can have many of them without much cost. Lined in our rustic...Read more

New Group Freebie out!!

I have added a new and awesome item to our vendors & Marketplace! It’s the “Merchant Scales & Coins” item, only 1 PE and only 100L$! Copyable, like normal for us. It is for sure a unique item but the best part is instead of paying 100L$, you can get...Read more


Soon! Yes, soon we will be in the 5th Annual Home & Garden Expo! We will be on Expo 12 with several other awesome designers! We’re a little unprepared as this isn’t something we’ve really done before, but we will have definitely 2 new items to donate for RFL as...Read more

What is it?!

Well, I did get a lot of questions about it! What is the hunt item? Where can I get it? Really, is it free? Yes.Free! 100% It will be 100L$ after though and is already listed in the vendors, it’s a meager 1 prim count & has a few options....Read more