New Pots & a Freebie!

Here is my first 100% all made by me (Anke) release (vs most made mostly by code, my codesigner) – it is a set of pots! Yes, about as basic as it gets. I have also a version which is free, available on the marketplace, & inworld @ Neyo. So!...Read more

More Ferns!

Did you like our group exclusive free ferns?  Well, we have just released the full pack! This one includes the same 3 colours & 4 arrangements from a big single one, 3 in a rough line, 3 in a cluster, and small 6 in a clump! In the future if...Read more

2 free things!

Who does not love free things? Well, I have two! For our special awesome group members =) One is a freebie released to be picked up exclusively inworld at our store – the Rum special edition cask rack! You wont find this one in the notices, but right at the...Read more

25L$ Slave Outfit/Avatar

An excerpt from the notecard sold with her: Hello! Thank you for picking up my Slave Girl in Green outfit & avatar set! This outfit, while not completely free – is meant to be for new or starting avatars who might be interested in Gorean or Medieval/Medieval-Fantasy roleplay sims! It...Read more

Mossy Barrels

I had a few requests by those who purchased our apple barrels to do an ‘outside’ type version similar to the mossy gray wood of the apple/citrus barrels. So I did! They come in the same exact v1 and v2 packs as the other barrels (normal nice brown wood) but...Read more


Hey! We’re always looking to hear feedback from our awesome customers and future customers (lurkers!!) I stuck some polls up on the right hand side and would super greatly appreciate if you would answer them. I’m open to any feedback, complains, or questions you might have – so feel free...Read more

New Stuff, 25L$ Tues, & More

Hi all! Gosh, I can’t believe it is June already, we only barely re-picked the store up but a about 4 months back and yet time has gone by so quickly. Well, we have a few new releases today, as well as a new group freebie (!!!) & one will...Read more

New Mesh Barrels

In following with our giant casks and current line of barrel-y things, we have finished 2 sets of mesh barrels. Each group is 1 or 2 prims each and 100% mesh. They are especially awesome because they do not have the ‘pinching’ ends that sculpty barrels have. For a set...Read more

Medieval Fantasy Hunt

Hi all! As some may already know, I am partaking in the Medieval Fantasy Hunt, we’re store #26 and our hint is: Hidden within the great outdoors, look amongst the greenery for a cask that is too big to be hidden within a dagger& stone. We have an awesome unique...Read more