FaMESHed & [DDD]

Tomorrow is the start of the September round of FaMESHed, a giant & exclusive mesh event where a bunch of original & talented people get to sell stuff. I never dreamed to be a part of it, when I applied several months back at their opening, my items certainly were...Read more

The first part of our new line!

Hello everyone!! I’m so excited today to announce something here… it wont be sent out inworld until tomorrow… but today you’ll get to see the first three pieces from our fabulous new creator – Kalia! Kalia’s designs are a bit more mainstream than our normal stuff, but they are so...Read more

25L$ Tues & Group Freebie!

Hello all! Tonight we have both a 25L$ Tues Item & a new group freebie available to you! The 25L$ Tues item is a stack of the mostly empty market crates we recently released, and would make a wonderful prop in addition to them. We also have a great new...Read more

Marketplace Review Promo!

Promotion was discontinued as of July 2013. Thank you to those who participated!Promotion extended to help garner further reviews! If you’ve reviewed 1 item already, you may review more for duplicate cards, at a rate of once per week per avatar. From the 18th of August until 30th of August...Read more

Large pack!

Here is some more info on our Complete Pack of Market Crates! This package is 700L$ (smaller packages of 3 are 200, and individual 80L$) It includes all 12 of the previous packs… +1! It includes an exclusive Yellow Summer Squash! If you have purchased all 4 otherwise, please let...Read more

New Releases & 30L$ Sat

4 New Releases (And they’ll all be available individually tomorrow)  200L$ each 80L$ Individually (Saturday) Market Crates Pack1 is available for 30L$ this weekend Saturday & Sunday as part of the surprise round of 30L$ Saturday! Not available on the marketplace yet.  Visit our In-World StoreRead more

Raffle Day #2!

The first Raffle Winner went out! Congratulations to Eliska! There were only 10 participants in the Raffle for a FREE 50L$ Gift card…  Look for the cart with our “Dysfunctional Designs” vendors on top, decorated with flowers, barrel planters, & the crates to enter by the middle pavilion! We are...Read more

10% off & a 50L$ Gift Card Raffle!

Interested in the chance for a free 50L$ Gift Card? Or perhaps 10% off anything & everything by Dysfunctional Designs? We are “Designer of the Week” @ the Gorean University. Stop by and touch the crates by our stall for a chance at the raffle, or purchase from the vendors...Read more

New Gardens!

We wanted to add the new fruit and vegetable designs that we just completed to our existing planter designs… so we did! These are 3 prims each due to their complexity, but they are really nice! 100% mesh, unscripted, 145L$ each and copyable. View our Marketplace Store Visit our In-World...Read more