The end is near

Here at Dysfunctional Designs… I’m sorry to announce… wont be releasing anything new for awhile after these releases. Infact, it’ll probably be close to December by time we’ll be able to start releasing a lot of things.  I know this may come as sad news, but take light in the...Read more

25L$ Tuesdays Fall Fete – ending soon!

Hello everyone! Be sure to stop by our 25L$ Tuesdays Fall Fete stall before it ends this Wednesday, Halloween! We’ve added one item which will only be available for 25L$ for tonight & TUESDAY only, it’s a great bargain and insanely cute for just 1 prim! Here it is, hopefully...Read more

A few more stuffs

Hi!  I’ve put out a few more things, and all of it is out in the main store now except a handful of pumpkins!  All will be on Marketplace by the end of the weekend, but most items are already there! I’m seeing if there is any interest in a...Read more

25L$ Tuesdays Fall Fete: Our stuff!

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a little rough for some people… Fairs can often be laggy, but we are striving to be as low lag as possible! In solution to some of the lag caused by Fall Fete… we’ve also created a duplicate of the stall in our main...Read more

25L$ Tuesdays Fall Fete…

Fall Fete is here, and wow is it beautiful! Grace Loudon did astoundingly with the sim design. Our stall is set up as the first on the right hand side, visible as you’re heading down towards the booths – filled with pumpkins galore, as well as some pretty cute little...Read more

New new~

More and more new stuff for this Fall Fete coming up!! Today I am revealing just a bit more of the newness that is released tomorrow! Just a matter of hours now until all my releases are set free~ Some colours or options may be 25L$, some may be full...Read more

25L$ Tuesday’s Fall Fete!

It’s right around the corner! This upcoming Tuesday the 23rd of October is a very special version of 25L$ Tuesdays~ We’ll be celebrating it by participating in the “Fall Fete”!  Fall Fete is an annual festival held to celebrate the season, and this year there is so many wonderful creators...Read more

Super number guessing game!

Hi everyone – again! So I am sitting here packaging… dozens and DOZENS of things for you all…  So many things! Holy cow, seriously.  I decided to bide the time til I am able to release aaaaaallllllll of these goodies…. I’m making a ‘contest’ if you will. Just leave a...Read more

30L$ Fling Fair & Fall Fete soon!

Hi everyone!! I gave you that delicious sneak preview the other day… And the first batch of things are out! The 30L$ Saturday Fling Fair is already underway – we don’t have much out yet, but plan to add at least another small selection of items as the week goes....Read more


I do so love pies… and especially when they’re only 1 prim and yet still fully 3D! These pies are on sale today from their regular price of 150L$ for the pack or 65L$ each… For 25L$ only! Only this Tuesday, the 16th! Stop by and pick up one of...Read more