Christmas Bows Gatcha!

For a nice little mid-week surprise… We bring to you the Christmas Bows Gatcha! If you’re not in the know on it… a gatcha is a type of game, much like those ones adorning the front doors of grocery stores where you pay a small fee, like a quarter, and...Read more

25L$ Tues & New Releases!

A new week, a new 25L$ Tuesdays round! This week it’s “Black Tuesday!” a round where 39 designers are participating in this great event! Each of us has at least one item for 25L$, but several have up to FIVE items! So be sure to check them out @ the...Read more

“Black Friday” @ [DDD]

While we typically have the explicit stance of never repeating an item at a discounted price… leaving you sure and confident in the prices you purchase an item… We’ve made a minor exception for the infamous Black Friday after much customer pleading.  So we have given everyone a broad 10%...Read more

That time again!

It’s that time again, 25L$ Tuesdays! We also have a ton of lovely new releases this week – just some small simple items I hope you’ll love! Canning jars in sets of 4 layouts (round, square, line, and jagged) with 4 sets of fillings – grains, baking goods, jams, and...Read more

25L$ Tuesdays 11/13/2012

Hi everyone! This week again we have a new 25L$ Tuesdays item! It’s pretty cute and would work with any style of house or theme! I hope you stop by to pick it up It’s 1 prim only, and normally priced at 125L$, but you can find it for just...Read more

Crate Set A & B

Two little crate sets today – Crate Set A & B each have 3 pieces:  * 1 land impact 2 crate arrangement * 1 land impact 3 crate arrangement * 3 land impact weapons crate The pieces included in each are different. Their normal price will be 100L$, but for...Read more

Our other project~

I’ve had a few people notice lately… Kalia, Code, & I are all a part of another project/brand, yes… That brand is Booshies. Booshies is a RPG style Breedable that we’re developing both for Second Life, as well as the ability to play it outside of SL. Right now, you...Read more

Fall Fete~

As you all know, today was the last day of the 25L$ Tuesdays Fall Fete, which closed at 11:59 Halloween! We had so many great items available there that I have had several customers ask: Yes! We absolutely do have all of these items available inworld as well as the...Read more