The Challenge SL! (and tent!)

We’re participating in the fun “The Challenge” event for the third month in a row, and this month the theme is Black & White! I also have a new item which is only semi-related, but I hope you’ll love it! We had a hard time deciding what to do, but...Read more

Another sharp stab @ 25L$ Tuesdays!

After the definite appeal of last weeks Weapon Rack release, featuring Axes & Spears… The logical direction was toward swords! So this week we are offering [DDD] Weapon Rack – Swords with the same great scripts, perms, & prices as last week but with a definitely all-new model! Like usual,...Read more

Do you… Love Donna Flora?

If you don’t know about Donna Flora and the creator of said fabulous brand, Squinternet Larnia – you should head by the Love Donna Flora! blog where you can find a ton of information on this amazing creator and her trials. Starting today there is an amazing display of support...Read more

25L$ Tuesdays @ [DDD] – Pokey-Like!

Our latest item, the [DDD] Weapons Rack – Axes & Spears, is our 25L$ Tuesday item today! A perfect 1 prim accent for any armory, blacksmith, outpost, longhall, walkway, & much more! It features excellent detailing and baked textures not found in other weapon racks. As well, this modifyable &...Read more

Ways to spruce up your Garden Plots!

Several users have commented that they feel like they can’t get their Garden Plots to look as nice as mine do… Perhaps proposing I do some voodoo magic? Surely  not! I’ve taken a few pictures to show you how you can spruce up your Garden Plots! Example 1: Use our...Read more

Food Fair!

Here is a fun event I had no idea about until a couple of weeks ago on plurk… I was soooo disappointed that I had missed out on participating in this Food Fair event because we have so many foodie type items! I LOVE food! … and then a little...Read more

Trees! YES! TREES!

We finally got around to replacing the borrowed trees we were using around our main store! I am so excited to share with you our latest labor of love, mesh trees~ We have for offer a 5 pack of them at a mere 650L$, each coming with 2 bark options...Read more

The freebie retirement sale!

Not that it can really be considered a sale, as they’re 100% off anyways – free! However, my intention is to RETIRE PERMANENTLY a significant portion of the general release freebies we have out currently. I do not know if I will be discontinuing any group freebies at this time,...Read more

25L$ Tuesdays~

Our item for this weeks 25L$ Tuesdays is the “Noble Banner” Noble Banner is an addition to our existing few Banner products, including the same well-loved scripts that you can add to allow giving contents and or allowing others to “kill” or delete the item at their discretion. Excellent for...Read more

Are you spiritual? Would you like to be?

The title says it all! Although, this adorable candle & incense piece could certainly be used by those who just want some nice scents and lovely candles. This Incense & Candle set comes in at just 1 primcount for the unscripted version and adds a really cozy feeling to the...Read more