Lazy autumn days are near!

And the Neighborhood delivers again! We’re setting out our all new The Neighborhood release a day early because of some unexpected RL company, and I hope you’ll find the time to stop by & pick it up for the discount price of 200L$ before Sunday! Let me tell you a...Read more

The First Harvest, Tuesday!

This week we’ve got one of our all-new “Harvest Buckets” on sale for a mere 25L$! Regularly to be priced at 95L$, you can find the Squash variant at 25L$ until 11:59pm Tuesday night! The other two variants – Apples & Corn – are available nearby and on display. The...Read more

Releases Misplaced

Sooo… I maybe sorta forgot to write a blog & notice post over my not one, not two… but three new releases from Genre. Maybe kinda. Yeah… well, I was moving and had no internet, that is a good excuse, right? Well! Here goes, all of these are discounted to...Read more

25L$ Tuesdays~

Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for your patience as I get moved over in RL, I did get internet today after a bumpy road but I am still unpacking and quite busy, so please have patience and be sure to email me or IM me inworld and I’ll...Read more

Ta-Da Tuesdays~

It’s 25L$ Tuesdays again and we’ve got another one of our Weapons Rack series! A bow rack this time, these beautiful racks are full of baked shadows and lighting & low prim goodness! Just 1 prim, mod & copy, and with  TWO variants! One with a quiver and a few...Read more

We Love Roleplay, Take 4!

We Love Roleplay, the specialty medieval fantasy & more event which has been a favorite for everyone is starting a next round! For this event, we’ve decided to do an indoors item versus all of the outdoorsy we have done ones so far… And well, it ended up being a...Read more

A new event!

The Neighborhood is a new weekly event that we will be participating in approximately every 4 weeks along with a bunch of other awesome creators – who, while mostly mainstream – make some amazing original creations. If you’d like to learn more, stop by our main store & give a...Read more