The Neighborhood! Again!

We’re up for The Neighborhood again & are offering a cute “Simplistic Little Kitchen”! It really is very simple & little – and only 200L$ til 11:59pm Saturday night!  It’s only a meager 2 prims, and includes a fauceted or hand pump version – it’s perfect for those tight spaces...Read more

All our new stuff? Now on Marketplace.

We aren’t always able to add our new releases to the Marketplace right away, as any merchant who has used it will tell you it is tedious & soul-sucking at times.  However! I am happy to let you know, we have managed to get all currently released products up there…...Read more

25L$ Tuesdays & more!

We’ve added more seasonal items, so if you’ve not stopped by to check out the ones we posted earlier I do recommend stopping by!  Elsewise, we’ve now added our 25L$ Tuesday item  & a simple freebie pumpkin for you to pick up! Pumpkin is right by the Sanguine landing spot,...Read more

Tis the season…

Our preliminary release of seasonal goodies is out now! You’ll notice many items from last year, and so I wished to clarify what they’re doing here again… Most of the items last year have been redone to include texture variants, as well as modify & copy. You wont be purchasing...Read more

Swim on over! 25L$ Tuesday & more!

We’ve finally set our Asian Items from last rounds Genre out for sale at our main store, and we’ve also included a new piece! The Koi Fountain is our latest fountain, and like our exceptionally popular Tiered Fountain, it includes a pair of animations for sitting on the edge &...Read more

Genre, take two!

It’s that time again! The Event, Genre’s latest theme is “Western” and we hope you’ll like our “Western” yet rustic items out for this round. They’re all out for just 100L$ during the event but will go up in price after, so stop by the Genre event location sometime before...Read more

Take a stroll…

Our first official paths release, our group gift not withstanding, is finally here! Looking for that special something different than cobblestone or muddy pathways? Try our new “Overgrown Plank Pathways” which includes textures for both Mossy & Snowy – covering you year round! There is SEVEN shapes as can be...Read more

A history lesson full of releases

A long time ago, there was a store, and this store had two owners. One of them was a big fan of dark, rich red tones… And he had a sim called Sanguine, on which the store resided. This store was called Dysfunctional Dolly Designs, named after the other owners...Read more

Houses are on fire!

Or, rather there is houses with fire inside them… in the form of candles! We released two all-new original mesh items for this round of We Love Roleplay! Our anticipated 3-Pack of “Lil’ Rustic Houses” & “Wall Candles” are finally out, and at an amazing 25% off! Houses are regularly...Read more