Things, things, and more things

I HAVE A LOT OF RELEASES. It is now 4am and I have been working on them for about 16 hours, so please forgive me for any nonsense that comes out. I’ll try to explain it all as best I can. First, my most favorite and important release I am...Read more

Tangled up!

200L$ through the weekend, increases slightly after. Copy & Mod 4 Texture options for the stone 2 Land Impact 100% original mesh Very low lag scripts A few cuddles and a few normal sits for 2. Pick it up at our main store!Read more

Autumnal Releases!

You guys may be sick of candles… but we’re not yet! A couple more Autumn themed (but functional year round!) candle displays this week, and one of them is for 25L$ only for the next 24 hours! 95L$ 1 LI Copy & Mod Emits gentle lighting, uses mesh flames (no...Read more

25L$ Tuesday & a regular seasonal release!

25L$ Tuesday item! Autumn Candle Shelf Can double as a tabletop centerpiece! 1 land impact Beautiful mesh flames Suitable for all environments 95L$ normally 25L$ only for Tuesday until 11:59pm! Regular release! Turnip Lanterns Single versions are just 1 land impact each 4 fully 3D faces Real tea candles inside!...Read more

Genre! Steampunk Variety.

We were awful busy this month and only had time for one item for Genre, but I think you’ll agree it is superbly crafted and downright beautiful! This cogwheel adorned old fashioned Telescope is available for a mere 100L$ at this months Genre event, running from the 15th of October...Read more

A lot of things! New awesome things!

  New things! For 25L$ Tuesday and regular release~ 25L$ Tuesday release this week: “A Rug for Two” 6 animations that take you through casual chatting, cuddling, sexy dances, and sexy times! Regular releases for this week: “Soft Rustic Living Set” & “Soft Rustic Single Bed” 635L$ for set –...Read more

We Love Roleplay! Do you?

It’s that time again! The magic day 4 (coming after the best number ever, 3!) of each month brings with us the awesome Role-Player oriented event, We Love Roleplay! Now on the 5th round, it is still going strong and a favorite of all varieties of SLers. One of my...Read more

Group Gift @ [DDD]

We’ve not had many of these released lately because we have been so so busy! But I am happy to let you all know we have a new group freebie out at the main store in our usual freebie “house”. It is 1 land impact each, and is a base...Read more

Add a bit more to your kitchen!

Did you love our Simplistic Little Kitchen released earlier? You might also love the matching Simplistic Little Hutch! 95L$ normally, this Tuesday for 25L$ Tuesdays, just 25L$ til 11:59pm. Stop by & follow the green arrows! PS: We updated the shelving on the kitchen, if you did not receive an...Read more