25L$ Tuesday “Rocks” this week!

We have a gorgeous new release out for you this week! This Rock Wall Fountain is only 1 land impact, copy & mod, and 100% original mesh! And for this Tuesday only, it’s just 25L$! An absolute ‘rock’ bottom bargain~ But price goes up to 165L$ after. The rocks are...Read more

Desert Dreams @ TFC

New & out for The Fantasy Collective!  395L$ A gorgeous middle eastern themed lounging couch and decorative wall. Each is copy & mod and of course, 100% original mesh with creative & bright baked textures. 2 land impact for the couch, and one per wall (dependent on size!) with multiple...Read more

25L$ Tuesday – Grape Stomping!

Have our Grape Vinyard we released last year? If not, no worries! It recently was discounted~ And for 25L$ today, you can add the PERFECT 1 land impact prop to go with a nice field of grapes! Grape Stomping Basin is only 1 LI, Copy & Mod, and features a...Read more

The Neighborhood, Elegantly.

Out new for the Neighborhood! 335L$ regularly: Only 200L$ this Saturday 2 LI per chair, 1 LI per table Copy & Mod 5 Wood Options 3 Patterns for Chair Cushion : Tintable! Male, Female, Couples Cuddles, & Couples XX animations PG version included! At our main store location, head South!...Read more

Dysfunctional Valentines Day!

Hunt is now over, thank you all for attending! That day of roses and love is coming right around the corner, and this year we have a lot to love! We love all of our customers who have supported us over the past 2 years, all the customers that have...Read more

New releases for Valentines Day!

Two new releases just in time for Valentines Day! The first one is our Blooming Harp! Only 1 land impact with detachable stool, it plays a soft melody by menu click from the owner. It also is texture change with several base choices (metal and woods) as well as many...Read more

A very LOVEly 25L$ Tuesday!

Up this week new for 25L$ Tuesday! Blooming Archway comes with several wood and flower options, and is only 1 land impact! Copy & mod, 100% original mesh. Available regularly for  95L$, it’s only 25L$ this Tuesday at our mainstore location~Read more

Repricing Feb 2014

About once a year, we go through and reprice older items that just aren’t up to par with the quality we try to put out today.  I used to be of the philosophy that repricing would only anger people because they’d paid for it at the original price… But since...Read more

We (still) Love Roleplay!

Did you know our store started out of pure necessity? In 2006, there wasn’t much out there for the types of builds and items that Medi-Fantasy sims needed.  I began building because I loved roleplaying, and since then it has evolved into so much more, now with other awesome people...Read more