Vintagey 25L$ Tuesday!

This vintage feeling physician tool shelf has a box with a variety of mysterious bottles, some empty vials, and bandages, as well as a bag and a few knick knacks! It would look great standalone on a wall as a vintage themed piece, or in most all roleplaying environments. Only...Read more

25L$ Tues – Time for a cold one!

Low land impact, copy & mod, 100% original mesh drinking barrel racks! Dispenses wearable animated drinking mug on click to everyone! Only 1 LI each for either single or double. Only 25L$ for this Tuesday, and go up to full price after. Teleport over & follow the green signs to...Read more


Just the perfect little decorative boatwreck for this months Genre! 2 land impact at included boaty size, copy & mod if you want it to be bigger or smaller (but do mind the land impact!) – otherwise, unscripted & unanimated but always 100% original mesh! Check it out, and other...Read more

Spring~? Maybe… Hopefully!

This week we have two new releases, and one special RFL recolour release! The two regular releases are texture change floral arrangements – a decorative box for hanging on walls or windows, and a wall-hanging vase for your walls each with 8 texture options for the petals. The vase features...Read more

We Love Roleplay – Buildings again!

This round, we’re offering another 3-Pack of buildings for roleplay sims with astoundingly low land impact and an affordable price – on top of that, they’re also 25% off! The Medieval Utility Building Pack features: an “Inn” style with 5 rooms upstairs, 1 downstairs, and a lot of common area,...Read more

25L$ Tuesday – Little Drummer

Up for 25L$ Tuesday Plays a simple beat with sound control (3 volumes & off, drum is separable from the chair) 2 LI Copy & Modify Teleport to the main store to get it at this reduced price for just today! Also, don’t forget that The Fantasy Collective round is...Read more