Mrooo~ Bessie the Cow has arrived at TFC!

The Fantasy Collective opened on the 20th! We are starting our larger critter line with… cows~ Bessie the Cow is a 2 land impact cow for you to take home. She comes with options for either sitting on her, or a mooing/grazing animated option as well. She also comes with...Read more

Happy 25L$ Tuesday~

The Essential Rug is your simple, worn down, & homey rug suitable for your home.  It’s only 1 land impact, includes 8 texture options, and is copy & mod~ It takes alternative texture choices fairly well also! You’ll find it for just 25L$ today as a part of the 25L$...Read more

Dragony Tuesday~

It’s that time again for 25L$ Tuesday! For this weeks round we have a very detailed metal Dragon Wall Lantern~ It’s only one land impact, has 4 metal texture choices, and includes an on/off realistic lighting function! It’s only 25L$ for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday, so stop by and grab...Read more

Strawberry Spring~

25L$ Tuesday has arrived again, and a bit more of Spring is trickling on by~ Come check out these beautiful just-sprouting Strawberry growing totems! Full of adorable little green leaves and soft white flowers, these totems have a few wood texture choices, and are just perfect for decorating gardens, greenhouses,...Read more

Cozy Country Neighbourhood

All new kitchen available for this months The Neighbourhood~! A cozy and warm Country Kitchen, petite enough to fit in even the smallest of homes, but featured enough for larger and full of rustic charm~ Included are separable oven and cabinet/sink sets, 1 Land Impact & 3 Land Impact per...Read more

Flittering, fluttering Dragonflies~

Some beautiful Dragonflies have fluttered in to our store this evening~ And you can bring them home for just 50L$ as a part of Fifty Linden Friday’s! Only 1 land impact each, and scripted to fly around realistically as well as including several texture choices, and the option for changing...Read more

We Love Castles

We’re back again in We Love Roleplay! This month with a special stall in the centre of the sim for easy access Khan’s Keep Skybox is a gorgeous lavish castle themed skybox with two floors, 3 rooms, an indoor water feature, balcony, spiral staircase, optional torches, and courtyard. It is...Read more