The Neighbourhood Living Set~

A simple and essential living set, suitable for indoors or out! Each couch and chair is 2 land impact, and table just 1 each. All is mod/copy! There is 7 wood choices: Black, White, B&W, W&B, Rich, Mix, & Lights There is 11 Color Fabrics for the Couch/Chair, and 7...Read more

We’re out early for 25L$ Tuesday again this week, with an adorable companion for you. Mr. Bat Friend comes in the 8 texture choices of last week, and flaps happily at your side (worn attachment!) ~ If you need to rez a copy, they are 3 LI each, and animated....Read more

Spooky 25L$ Tuesday

Happy 25L$ Tuesdays~! Our next Halloween release is out now! With 8 bat color choices, tintable eyes, and an optionally removable string. Each is just 2 LI, and gets rather large! Just 25L$ through 11:59pm SLT Tuesday night, stop by to grab your copy or gift one now! Teleport to...Read more

RIP Fifty Linden Friday~

This week we have a set of 3 Gravestones out for Fifty Linden Friday~ The start of our Halloween seasonal releases. These are large, 1.5m+ in size grave markers in either gray or brownish stone hues with optional RIP or Plain choices. Each is just 1 LI~ Just 50L$ for...Read more

Out now for 25L$ Tuesday~ Metal Fences

25L$ Tuesday is back, and we have… Yes… Another fence for you this week, the Simple Metal Fence. A simple metal fence and fence post. You can duplicate fence post as needed. Please be sure to re-link 1:1 when you’re done to prevent issues. 4 metal textures 1 land impact...Read more

25L$ Tuesday~ Simple Fences!

25L$ Tuesday is here again! An adorable and simple wooden fencing set ♥ Features a 2 land impact working gate and 1 land impact fence portions with optional endposts. 6 wood textures. Only 25L$ til 11:59pm SLT Tuesday night! Teleport to the main store now.Read more