Pumpkiny Tuesday!

We’re all set up for 25L$ Tuesday this week with some holiday staples! Our all new 2015 mix of pumpkins! Includes the 11 textures shown for 7 different pumpkins and a pile of them coalesced to save you LI!  Each is just 1 land impact, including the special Mr. Kitty...Read more

Hangout for the Neighbourhood

For this round of the Neighbourhood we have an all new item out, at almost 50% off~ Just 150L$ through this Saturday! A gigantic basket to hang out in with one other friend in the glow of gentle lighting ♥ Includes a handful of solo hangout poses for two and...Read more

20Twenty~ A new event!

We’re in an all new event this month called 20Twenty! On the 20th of this month, our all-new Skully Wall Candle will be 20% off! This brings the price to just 68L$. This festive decor is just 1 land impact each and can get huge (seriously! See the display models!)...Read more


OooOoooOoo~ Halloween is coming ever closer, and we have some neato Spooky Coffins out for you for this Fifty Linden Friday! 2 Land Impact Each with open/closed/cracked states (the closed having a skeleton hand trying to escape~!) An access menu is also provided. Just 50L$ through this weekend! Stop by...Read more

A 25L$ Study

25L$ Tuesday is back, and we’re celebrating with an all-new Desk Set! A classic and timeless design of a Simple Wooden Desk Set~ Each piece (desk, chair) is just 1 land impact per, meaning only 2 for the set as shown. Also included is 6 wood textures via easy use...Read more

Lazy Outhouse

It’s our first go at Lazy Sunday this week, a Sunday operating event at our main store for an item on sale for just 75L$! Moorside Outhouse is a simple 2 land impact matching Outhouse to our Moorside Cottage! It includes just one simple animation and a working door for...Read more

Simply Tuesday

25L$ Tuesday is here again, and we have a timeless piece out for just 25L$ until 11:59pm SLT Tuesday~! A very simple, 2 land impact wooden piece that is classical enough to fit in anywhere. Simple Wooden Cabinet includes 6 wood tones with an easy delete script! ♥ Teleport to...Read more

We Love Cottages

We Love Roleplay is opening today at 3pm SLT, and we have a brand new cottage out for you! The Moorside Cottage is a brand new 1 bedroom + 1 loft, 15mx15m, copy & mod, 100% original home ringing in at just 16 land impact with working physics~! ♥ All...Read more