Wintery Log Candle-Tuesday~

It’s that time again! 25L$ Tuesday is here, the last round for 2015. We’re bringing the cozy with a three-set of cutout Log Candle Holders with cheerful and bright lit candles inside. (Candles tintable) Each is 1 land impact on it’s own, or if you link all 3 together it...Read more

Thankful for 2015 Photo Contest!

We at Dysfunctionality hope everyone has had a fantastic year, and wanted to celebrate how thankful we feel for all of our customers, bloggers, and general support each year. For that, we’re hosting a good-natured photo contest, themed on “Thankful for 2015″~ The rules are simple: Your photo must prominently...Read more

25L$ Wreathday~

For one of the last 25L$ Tuesday rounds of this year, we have a lovely Fluffy Wreath! It’s nearly 2m in diameter for just 1 land impact, and comes in the green version shown, as well as a frosted look~ If you don’t like them, you can also get rid...Read more

20Twenty is back, and for 20% off this round we’re offering our new Fluffy Pines~ An extra fluffy pine tree~ Only 1 land impact! A great filler piece. For Higher LOD, it is 4m tall, and for Lower LOD it is 9m tall for the same 1 LI. These are...Read more

Mischevious Neighbourhood~

Stop by for this weeks The Neighbourhood to grab this set of 3 snowmen! You’ll get an oblivious happily waving pair, one which has lost his head, and a third which has a pair of mean snowmen tossing the head of a third. Each is 1 or 2 land impact~...Read more

Happy Snowsday~

We have a new snowman out for you for 25L$ Tuesday this week~ The simple, 1 Land Impact Happy Snowman is an essential winter item ♥ Stop by our main store to grab or gift him now!Read more

Hanging Umbrella Lights for FLF!

Out now for Fifty Linden Fridays~  A 1 land impact (low LOD) / 3 land impact (high LOD) array of hanging Umbrellas by strings with lights~ Comes in 8 pastel color choices and emits subtle lighting. Teleport to the main store to grab your copy or gift one for just...Read more

25L$ Floatday~

This 25L$ Tuesday we have some cute floating lanterns for you ♥ Just 1 land impact each, and coming in 6 color choices with bright white snowflakes patterned on them for this festive season~ Configurable radius and emitting subtle light. Stop by the main store to grab yours while they’re...Read more

We Love Beds

  We ♥ Roleplay is back, and with it we come bearing not just two brand new, ultra low prim and extremely customiseable beds… But! A gift. You can find our new items out for 25% off at the event location for the month of December!  334L$ for double, 139$L...Read more

25L$ Tuesday

We have a new set of giant Mushrooms out in natural/plain colors for our 25L$ Tuesday~ These include the sitting mushroom as well, as a natural variant of our Glowshrooms. All of them are 1 LI each except the Sitshroom which is 2 LI Only 25L$ through this week~ Stop...Read more