BUYNOW: Outdoors Brick Hearth!

A new event we’re trying, and a Marketplace only exclusive for the first month~! For it, we have a product we’ve slaved over this past week and hope you’ll enjoy: The Outdoors Brick Hearth. Included is two versions, the first is 1 land impact and has 4 textures + on/off...Read more

Tools for Tuesday!

25L$ Tuesday is back, and as a compliment to an upcoming release of our Outdoors Brick Hearth we have some Cooking Tools on a Rack! Just 1 land impact simple decor~ Teleport to the main store to get your copy now.Read more

FLF – Bulb Beams!

Our original Bulb Beam was ever popular when it was released many moons ago, and so we’ve expanded on it with 3 more shapes for you to add to your collection~ At just 1-2 LI each with proper material support and projected lighting, they’re sure to brighten up any room....Read more

Simply 25L$ Tuesday~ Crate with pots!

It’s 25L$ Tuesday again! This week we have the 1 land impact Simple Crate with Pots! The Simple Crate comes in 6 wood tones, and either with pots inside (4 texture options as shown) or empty. You’ll also have an easy-delete button on the menu for when you’re done to...Read more

20Twenty – Cozy Daybed

New for 20Twenty is the Cozy Circle Daybed~ A 3 land impact bed with tintable pillows & cushions (multiple faces) with 6 wood tones to change to for both the trim or the base wood around it. Includes a handful of singles and couples animations! It is 20% off exclusively...Read more

FLF: Chandelier

For Fifty Linden Friday’s this week we have the normal wood pack of the Simple Wooden Chandelier that we had prior only released in the special 100% donation tones for Fantasy Faire. 6 wood tones, 1 land impact each, and on/off fire scripting. Only 50L$ through the weekend at the...Read more

25L$ Tuesday~

A simple bowl of strawberries for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday. Have you done the Enchantment Hunt? You can also find a silly giant bowl of strawberries with sitting animations for it, too! Teleport to the main store.Read more


We’re participating in another round of Enchantment! With it, we bring more additions to our popular Stone Ruin set~ The Stone Ruin Arches and Stone Ruin Walls are both available at the event for 145L$ and 185L$ respectively! Each has 6 meshes with either mossy or regular texture options, as...Read more

25L$ Tuesday Paths~

A new set of stone paths is out now for 25L$ Tuesday! This stone set includes 9 path shapes, each only 1 land impact & with 7 texture change options as shown. The script allows you to set access for the texture change menu as well to GROUP, ANYONE, or...Read more

TLC: Urban Jungle~

The Liaison Collaborative is open again, the theme inspiring to bring some greenery into our every day concrete lives. For it, we have 3 brand new releases~ Each is just 1 land impact, texture change, copy & mod, and 65L$ per. You’ll find them exclusively at the event for the...Read more