Pulse Fundraiser!

Many of us have heard about the tragic attack on the gay bar, Pulse, in Orlando this year. As the community often does, SLers have organized a new event to help raise funds for this tragic cause and those involved. For it, we’ve rainbowified parts of our Nautical release recently,...Read more

Tea Chair for Tuesday

We have a matching chair to our unique last weeks Tea Table, which has also been updated to fix the black flicker and add materials support. The chair (like the table) is tint friendly! It also includes a few simple sits, including a basic eating, writing, and reading. Only 25L$...Read more


For this weeks FLF we have some all original art by Spiderloot, the lovely man-partner of our designer Harriet! Bring home the captivating tales of “The Trade” and “The Confused Man”, original medieval-styled artworks in handsome texture-change wooden frames for just 1 Land Impact. No need to bring a cat...Read more

A letter to you~

This weeks 25L$ Tuesday item is the Letter Piles ♥ Two piles, scattered or stacked, each just 1 land impact. Teleport to the main store now to grab or gift.Read more

Newport Hallway for Lazy Sunday!

As a compliment to the fun nautical theme we picked up on in the Newport Bathroom set, we’ve carried it through with this rope-handled Console table and wooden Octopus wall art! Each is just 1 land impact and comes with multiple texture options as shown above, as well as a...Read more

Review Rewards Weekend!

Marketplace Review Promo! From the 11th of June to the 13th of June 2016, we are having a promo for the Marketplace! If you review any previously unreviewed product on the Marketplace, you get a 25L$ Gift Card for all products up to 100L$, and anything over 100L$ will get...Read more

Newport Bathroom @ TLC!

The Liaison Collaborative is back, this month with the fun Newport theme! For this round we’ve led astray from the towel-draped expected layabouts for bikini clad women, and instead have brought a bathroom set!  Everyone needs one of those, and at 1 LI per piece, how can you go wrong...Read more

25L$ Doorsday

For 25L$ Tuesdays this week we have the cute Barn Door Decor~ Just a 2 land impact, ~2.5m tall unscripted decorative door for cluttering your walls! It’s only 25L$ through midnight SLT. Teleport to the main store now.Read more