A Bench for Tuesday!

We have another all-new item for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday! The simple 2 Land Impact, Copy & Mod Forest Plank Bench has 4 couples cuddles, 4 singles poses for male & female (8 total, seats 2 at a time) Additionally, it has 5 texture options, including a snowy option for...Read more

*Store Credit / Marketplace Review Promo!*

It’s that time again~ We’re doing another free store credit giveaway for Marketplace reviews! Review any item for 25L$ inworld store credit! & If the item has no reviews prior, get a bonus 25L$ credit! We are not soliciting positive reviews, but hopefully honest ones which take understanding that some...Read more

New group gift!

I was experimenting with grasses, and while they didn’t turn out as I’d hoped, they aren’t half bad! So, since I did at least make a variety of textures for them, but don’t feel right selling my experiments since I have bigger & better plans for grass meshes in the...Read more

Product Updates!

The following items received updates! Now with mod perms! Now with mod perms! Now with mod perms & on/off lighting scripts! Now with mod perms & on/off lighting scripts! Now with mod perms & on/off lighting scripts! Now with mod perms! Now with regionwide texture change & access menu!Read more

Little Simple 25L$ Tuesday deal~

This week for 25L$ Tuesday, I have an adorable Little Simple Pouf~ This 1 land impact, copy & mod, low lag, custom scripted, and low polygon / low land impact specialised pouf comes with 11 solid colors, 6 furs, and 2 leather options to mix and match between the base...Read more

25L$ Tuesday Fences!

This week for 25L$ Tuesday we have a brand new rustic fence set for you! Included is 4 short pieces, a two-wide, and three-wide. Each is just 1 land impact~ There are 9 textures to choose from, and the script also includes access controls so others can change the textures,...Read more

Stoneware Pitcher Set for 25L$ Tuesday!

Our first 25L$ Tuesday in a long while, but here goes~ An all-new simple 1 land impact Stoneware Pitcher Set! This set changes between 5 content settings (seen on left): Milk, Water, Tea, Mead, and Wine! Depending on what one sets it to be visually, it will also dispense properly...Read more

A free little biscuit jar~

Not quite something I’d feel comfortable selling, a basic biscuit jar~  This cute little 1 land impact jar takes tints well and dispenses an a simple little nommable biscuit for you & your guests. It’s free for group members of our Dysfunctionality store group, now at our freebie building! Be...Read more