All-new Simple Ivy Grouncovers for 25L$ Tuesday!

This week for 25L$ Tuesday we have an all new set of simple Ivy covers for you! Perfect to add that little overgrown aged look to ruins, gardens, patios, or any space~ Included is 7 shapes ranging from semicircles, corner specific, single strands, and a large patch to help fit...Read more

Twinkling Tuesday!

For this weeks 25L$ Tuesday we have some lovely ambient glowies~ Bright, shining, ever moving & changing glowies for your sim environment. Not only is the texture animated for a realistic twinkle, but they’ll never look the same twice as the object is also slowly rotating. Only 1 land impact...Read more

A little cubey Tuesday

The brother companion to our Pouf released a few weeks back~ The Little Simple Cube has 6 Furs, 4 Leathers, & 6 Color/Pattern options via texture menu~ Includes a lovey heart detail pink perfect for Valentine’s Day! Each with hand stitched details! Additionally it has 15 solo sitting poses. ♥...Read more

Cuddle Bug~ Love is in the air with XOXO!

Everyone loves the fun & cute XOXO Hunt each year, and it’s back! This year we have an adorable new 2 land impact Cozy Heart Pillows for you & one other to share. This low land impact all original mesh has 7 texture options: White, Pink, Lavender, Blue, Red, Magenta,...Read more

Light up your life for 25L$ Tuesday~

This week for 25L$ Tuesday we have an all-new Simple Metal Brazier! It comes with 9 metal options included, as well as tinting very well. Only 1 land impact each, and scripted to have a realistic on/off lighting function with just the press of a button. Perfect for your backyard...Read more

Fifty Linden Friday~ Beanbag!

Fifty Linden Fridays is here, one of my favorite events~ For this round, I really went all out and made this plush looking leather beanbag with over two dozen texture change options, 8 pairs of single sits (seats 2, so 16 total), and 19 couples PG cuddles! It’s only 2...Read more