Hatched Lanterns for Fifty Linden Friday

Out now for Fifty Linden Fridays~ All new Hatched Lanterns! ♥ These low 1 land impact lanterns come both individually (with handle, without handle, and on a string) as well as in two different arrangements of groups of 3! Fully materials enabled for extra pretty viewings on high settings, but...Read more

Cattail Tuesday~

The new 25L$ Tuesday item is out now~  All new hand textured Mixed Cattails with 3 mesh shapes, 6 texture options in a regionwide & access scripted menu.  They’re a hybrid of 2D Masked textures and 3D options to combine the best of both low land impact & looks without...Read more

Wayfarer’s @ We Love Roleplay!

Out new & 25% off at We ♥ Roleplay this month! Wayfarer’s Well is a 10 land impact, approximately 8m x 7m sized rocky outcropping. In the pool centered version, you’ll get over 2 dozen couples cuddles, 60+ solo poses for 3 avatar spots, and 5 PG rated threesome cuddles....Read more

Cuddle Cookie Tuesday!

This week for 25L$ Tuesday, we have a cute plush ottoman in the shape of a macaron cookie! They include 9 pastel color options, and a small handful of both solo hanging out poses for 2 & couples PG cuddles! Only 25L$ for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday~ Teleport to the...Read more

Simple Cuddle Pillows for 25L$ Tuesday

Out now for 25L$ Tuesday~ A simple 2 land impact pair of pillows! Includes 10 texture change options – change both pillows, or each individually for mix & match. 8 couples poses + 1 general sitting pair of poses. Teleport to the main store now.Read more

Thick Fur Rugs for 25L$ Tuesday!

Soft and plush~ We have these new all mesh thick fur rugs out for 25L$ Tuesday this week~ Included is 14 texture options, ranging from silly prints to a variety of solid options. Additionally, you’ll get two, 1 land impact mesh rug shapes which can be sized up to a...Read more

Genre: Vikings!

Whoops! Bad me, I forgot to send a notice about this~ This past month at GENRE, we have the all-new Worn Down Cage! 25% off! This rustic aged cage has a texture change menu for 3 wood options, and includes an open/close Kool Door Scripted door to tie in to...Read more