Fifty Linden Fridays: Simple Wooden Fireplaces

Out now for this weeks FLF~ All new Simple Wooden Fireplaces! These highly optimised Fireplaces are meant for the prim-conscious, coming in at only 1 land impact.  Both the raised and floor-level varieties are included and are materials enhanced, as well as having a low lag scripted on & off...Read more

Group Gifts! Magic Lighting Options~

Now out~ The Magic Candlesticks & Magic Lanterns were available last month for our CasperVend Hunt & Redeux Event, and we’re happy to offer them now as group gifts for those who missed out. Each are 1 land impact and come in a variety of rainbow colors~ ♥ Only for...Read more

Curious Chests~

Looking for a handy and convenient chest~? Why not the Curious Chest! Someone has long since sprawled “Do Not Open” on the front, how ominous~ Choose from “Empty”, “Monster”, and “Treasure” interior options for your dubious adventures. Includes 3 texture options as shown for each chest. Please mind the caveat...Read more

Fantasy Faire 2017

This year for Fantasy Faire, we’re located on the Chaddul Ro sim! We have two all-new items out~ The Curious Treasure Chest both in “RFL Treasure” & “RFL Monster”! These fun colorful chests have a mysterious treat inside – will it be pretty coins, or goopy tentacle monsters? Only 1...Read more

Simple Metal Candlesticks @ Redeux!

Out now for Redeux, an all-new event brought to you by the owners of the 25L$ Tuesday group! I want to apologise for being a little late, but unfortunately I had computer issues which kept me offline for a few days. Simple Metal Candlesticks are a new perfect classic accent...Read more

Spring has come at The Seasons Story!

Tonight at The Seasons Story : Spring round, we have our all new mesh & original concept Spring Onsen available for purchase~ Countless hours went in to detailing this piece and all of the original & handpainted texturing and details. Soft petals fall from the flower laden branches into the...Read more

Great Easter Egg Hunt : Magic Lanterns!

Hiya alls~ We’re taking part in this years Great Easter Egg Hunt, put on by CasperTech (the maker of our vending system!) For it, we created a very special version of our Hatched Lanterns, which is meant to match with our other free/group gift rainbow goodies.  The Magic Lanterns are...Read more

Classic Curule Chair for We ♥ RP

This month for We Love Roleplay, we have a classically designed Roman style Curule Chair. This 2 land impact staple of any Gorean or roleplay home has been given a heavy hand in the animating department with 35 animations in the main chair, as well as 35 submissive secondary seating...Read more

Buy Now: Cozy Leather Beanbag in ADULT!

Did you love our super popular Cozy Leather Beanbag we released for FLF some months ago, but were amongst the many asking for it with Adult poses? We’ve revised the initial PG release to add: +11 new fur textures, including fun Lisa Frank themed ones. +12 new couples cuddles, including...Read more