Blooming Friday!

Hi all! By time this post reaches you, I’ll probably be in a different state, but don’t worry, I’ll be back on the 29th if there is any hiccups! Meanwhile, I’ve set out our FLF item for this week~ For just 50L$ you can grab our lovely all new Blooming...Read more

Simple Flower Patches~

This week for 25L$ Tuesday we have another new landscape item for you~ Our [DDD] Simple Flower Patches are a great accent to any yard or fields without alpha flicker. They range from smaller plots up to a big 9m long patch, adding tons of bright colorful flowers for a...Read more

Twinkling Ivy for FLF!

This week for Fifty Linden Friday we have some beautiful new ivy! These all original 1 land impact mesh ivy plants come in 8 different mesh shapes, ranging from wall climbing, single strand, corner pieces, patches & more. They each come scripted with 11 texture options, accessable via a regionwide...Read more

Fluffy Grass!

Fluffy grass~! You’ll get 6 texture options including an array of greens for Spring & Summer, some aged ones for Autumn, a Snowy for winter, and a fun rainbowy sherbet color for magical purposes. 4 Mesh shapes are included ranging from 4m in size 6.5m in size, and include both...Read more