Starry Sky Pillow Tuesday~

An adorable Starry Sky Pillow Pile! This PG centric, 1 land impact pillow pile features richly detailed meshes & textures with baked shadows and stitching. It’s materials enhanced and has 11 texture options for both the stars & the cloud, including tintable plain white options, polkadots, herringbone, watercolor, & galaxy...Read more

IndieTeePee! Underwater~

This year we are participating in the artistic and shopping festival called IndieTeePee! For it we have some adorable Wearable Bubbles & Floating Clusters. Included are two wearable bubbles: Sitting which will put you inside and has a soft pink and purple hue & Floating which will let you lay...Read more

Twinkling Friday~

This week for Fifty Linden Friday we have beautiful Twinkling Flower Bushes out! Beautiful twinklies slowly faded in and out around soft swaying blooming flower bushes. ♥ Includes is 5 mesh shapes, including a big single, cluster, row, tight row, and corner mesh pieces. They are 1 land impact at...Read more

Chevron Hideaway for just 25L$ this week!

Our latest release, the Chevron Hideaway, is our offering for 25L$ Tuesday this week. ♥ This adorable 1 land impact little lean-to style fort is perfect for setting up next to a pillow pile or cuddle blanket to make for supreme cozy! Includes 10 texture options including a tintable white...Read more

Magical Bubbles~

Magical bubbles~ Pretty little iridescent sparkling orbs with a bright light being emitted from within. ♥ These magical balls are approx half a meter each, but resize relatively well! Please edit faces and play with the glow and transparency of the faces to get an effect which is perfect for...Read more

Stone-Pot Bush for 25L$!

Out now for 25L$ Tuesday! A lovely Stone Pot with a twiggy bush~ Included is a 1 land impact, approx 2m tall plant and pot combo. The pot can be face-selected to tint it individually, and the leaves come with 8 texture options as shown, ranging from green, to pink,...Read more

Group Gift! Throw Pillows~

As I was working on some up & coming releases this week, I thought how handy it would be to have some spare pillows to toss around. Then I thought of how impossible it would be for me to make the infinite combinations of colors, patterns, and prints that people...Read more