Soft Grasses SALE!

Beautiful fields of soft grass~ If you’re looking for fields of dense yet soft grass in an array of colours which are also tinting friendly for a perfect match, this might be for you! These grasses come with 5 mesh shapes, ranging from simple round plots perfect to accent existing...Read more

Whispy Forest Tree Set~ 50L$!

Out now for this weeks Fifty Linden Friday, and on special for 50L$ (down from the regular 245L$) price for just this weekend only. The Whispy Forest Tree Set is a 2-3 land impact per piece set of trees, it includes 3 unique mesh models including options with & without...Read more

Starry Sky Cuddles at Blush!

This is the first round of a new and super cute event, Blush! This shopping wonderland has tons of clothing, home, & accessories for the lover of pastels and pretties from some of the best creators on the grid. We’re so proud to be a Sponsor of this event. You’ll...Read more

50L$ / 50% off promo & free gift @ Redeux!

Out now at Redeux is our Floor Glowies! These are 1 land impact per approx 5m by 5m segment and include 9 fun colorways, including a tintable white option! Perfect for your waterways, walkways, beds, ceilings, & more~ 50% off exclusively for the duration of this event. 50L$ for the...Read more

Prismagica~ New Chaise & Giftie!

Prismagica is a new cute and colorful event starting this month with lots of adorable fellow designers~ It opens August 5th at noon SLT! We’re very excited to participate in their inaugural round with our Meridienne Chaise Longue. DETAILS:  2 Land Impact  Copy & Mod  All Original Mesh  All Original...Read more

New! Twinkly Leafy Bushes!

New for a 25L$ offering from the 8th through 22nd, we have Twinkling Leafy Bushes! These 1 land impact bushes are similar to our Flower bushes, but feature a larger array of non-floral options & seasonal choices. You’ll find: Bare, Snowy, Springtime flowers, an array of greens from bright to...Read more

Group Gift Time!

It’s time for a new group gift~ So wear your [Dysfunctionality] group tag and head by to the main store. Skip over to the Northwest corner in the freebies building, and check out our new Goldentree & Magictree duo~ These aspen-inspired trees are part of my learning process for organics,...Read more

Twinkling Twiggy Tree Tuesday!

Such a mouthful with all those T’s, but here it is! Our Twinkling Twiggy Tree~ The perfect little forest or backyard accent for a cute home, this regionwide texture change tree includes soft glowies within its boughs. It is just enough to fill up a little accent area with whimsy,...Read more