Blooming in to 25L$ Tuesdays~!

Happy 25L$ Tuesday everyone! This week we have the all new Blooming Ivy Set available~ Included in this 7-piece unique mesh set is 8 handpainted flower & 11 handpainted ivy texture color options, available via a regionwide, access control, & easy to delete low lag script! 75% off this week...Read more

Autumn Review & Gift Card Promo!

It’s sure cooled down here lately, such a relief after a scorching year. Burning Man was almost unbearable! But with it brings the new season, Autumn is here~ To celebrate this beautiful time of year, we’re having a special promotion from today until October 15th at 11am SLT~ ALL Gift...Read more

Swaying Wildflowers for 25L$ this week only!

Softly swaying wildflower patches are our latest offering for 25L$ Tuesday! This is our first foray in to animated grasses, and we’re really pleased with the result. ♥ There is 5 mesh shapes, each offering 8 delicate swaying little wildflower field texture change options for flowers & grass-only, regionwide or...Read more

Cuddly Friday!

It’s my favorite time of the month, Fifty Linden Friday! This round, we have an all-new Classic Cuddle rug on offer~ This Lite version includes 4 pattern choices ranging from plain & tintable, bright cloudy sky, colourful chevron, & spooky Halloween prints. This rug seats 3 for solo & cuddle...Read more

Reclaimed Tuesday!

This week for 25L$ Tuesday, we have a beautiful duo of refurbished tables for you! Made of aged and worn wood in 6 tones, these 1 land impact texture change tables are the perfect accent for the rustic home. On sale this week for just 25L$ both  On the SL...Read more

New group gift time! Halloweeny Lanterns~

These exclusive patterns are available to group members of our [Dysfunctionality] group! Included is the purple cat, orange pumpkinface, and green batty designs. They feature their themed print on two of the 4 sides, and are set to float 10m high with a configurable radius for perimeter.  As always, I...Read more