Group gift time! :D

We’re inching towards 4000 group members migrated over since 2 years ago, and so happy~ I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my customers, but I do try to show it – so joining the ranks of our dozen other group gifts is our newest Seasonal Grass. Meant to...Read more

Scraggly Pom Grasses

These whimsical pom topped tall grasses are a sure hit for all seasons~ but secretly, I love them most for Winter! They’re a fun and happy swaying fantasy shortbrush which mixes great with existing grasses – such as our Soft Grass. We recommend using ALPHA BLEND (in the alpha mode...Read more

A whimsical garland~

Tis the season for cute glass ornaments – and we’ve hung them from our Baubly Garland for our release at Whimsical. ♥ This deconstructed Christmas tree makes a beautiful window, wall, fireplace mantle, or anywhere decorative hanging perfect for this holiday season. Only 1 land impact, with 7 garland foliage...Read more


Snows here! With our recent release of the [DDD] Simplest Snow – a low lag falling snow option without laggy particles & with easy cleanup, we decided to also add snow piles~ Perfect for when you’re not quite committed to turning the whole shebang to a snowstorm, but there is...Read more

Simplest Snow @ Sad November

Our all-new Simplest Snow pack is here! This 3 piece original mesh set includes giant 1 prim snowing fields, with an easyClean HUD to remove either excess scripts, or the items themselves at the end of the season. Extremely low lag mesh snow, a great time and alternative to particle...Read more

The Evil Queen’s Throne.

A beautiful golden touched Royal Throne, right from Snow White’s castle in inspiration ♥ Now you can be your own Evil Queen, complete with showy peacock or without on the back of throne, jewels of which compliment 6 silken choices for seating. Includes 30 solo seating choices for the primary...Read more

Cozy Stag Console for FLF!

Happy Fifty Linden Friday everyone! ♥ Our newest release, a 1 land impact runner table with two beautifully sculpted and posed deer and a massive texture menu~ Each part is individually customisable with:  • 10 colors for the stags + 10 aged versions + 4 metal versions.  • 11 colors...Read more

Christmas Tree Sale!

To kick off the season and make way for the new, we’re offering our old models of [DDD] Christmas Tree and [DDD] Holiday Tree at over 50% off!  Available to buy or gift for just 95L$ for a limited time only. You can grab them on the Marketplace, or inworld!...Read more

Dandesweet Days~

Beautiful patches of Dandelion Fields! These dainty little fields add a soft swaying touch to any home, garden, field, etc! Soft and fluffy fields that compliment existing grass patches nicely, they WILL conflict with other alpha materials (some of our other grasses or flowers will not), but that is the...Read more

2017 Customer Survey

Hello all! ♥ So crazy, but the end of the year is nearly here~ We’re starting to make Christmas things already! Next year we hope to continue to bring you more low land impact quality furniture, but to do so, we really need your feedback for this year! Please consider...Read more