Wispy Wonderland ♥

Happy New Years everyone! We are so excited to ring in another year with our amazing and eternally supportive customers. It’s been an absolute blessing to have known many of you for 10 years now! We’re parting with 2017 by participating for the first time in a fantastic event, Sanarae~...Read more

Holiday Hunt & Discount!

Out now for FREE for the BEPSL Holiday Hunt! Lovely low land impact, red/yellow/green Christmas themed twinklies~ Use our hint:  “Is it a little two warm in here?” & search for a small red & green parcel within 50m of our landing spot. Out now 50% off – so only 48L$...Read more

It’s here! Christmas~

The newest of our low land impact Christmas trees is here! And it’s 50% off through Christmas!!! With full and fluffy foliage, no alpha flickering issues, detailed baked glass ornaments, candycanes, bows, and gorgeous little twinkling animated lights covering the whole thing, this is a non -enominational Christmas / Holiday...Read more

Deery Weekend~

This week for Fifty Linden Friday, we have the Polygonal Deer Head! This low poly design with cool wireframe effect is available with a 19 texture choice change menu, featuring fun metals and solid choices. Finely tuned for multiple LODs with minimal distortion and materials enhanced, the baked textures will...Read more

A Twinkling Tuesday!

Twinkling Groundcover Patches~ Lovely white twinkling patches for a realistic magical twinkle and glow for a low land impact cosy. Linking multiples causes the LI to go UP and not DOWN. So please advise against linking. You can change the speed of them per HUD! Actual size is variable. Includes...Read more

(Faux) Mounted Deer Head for FLF!

An adorable delicately sculpted deer head! Each is individually customisable with:  • 10 solid versions: Black, Navy Blue, Violet, Lavender, Rose Pink, Cream, Sky Blue, Minty Green, Snow White, & Ruby Red  • 10 aged versions: Black, Navy Blue, Violet, Lavender, Rose Pink, Cream, Sky Blue, Minty Green, Snow White,...Read more

Snowy Privacy ♥

Happy 25L$ Tuesday~ This week we have a new Heavy Snow Backdrop for you! This is all original, low land impact mesh is only 2 LI at the default 24m size, 3 LI up to 60m, and 4 LI at the full 64m size per panel. They’re semi-flat, but look...Read more