Floating Flower Candles

All new Flower Candles! ♥ A set of beautiful flower floating candles! They spin slowly on your waters surface, Prim or Linden water will work. This product has 3 versions:  Floating Trio (3 spinning in a circle, 1 land impact for all 3, change textures individually)  Floating Single (1 spinning...Read more

Love Clouds & Lucky Chairs~

We’ve released our all-new Love Clouds today as a special exclusive item for our new Lucky Chair! You’ll find the new Lucky Chair with small & cozy seating area at our main store near our landing spot. Due to the current store renovations, expect the Lucky Chair to be somewhat...Read more

XOXO is back!

One of our favorite yearly events is back – XOXO! For this fun, easy, and free to play game you just have to visit the main store, locate the XOXO booth, and type ‘xoxo’ in local chat to it. ♥ You’ll have a 20% chance per day, for the next...Read more

A little love!

Out now for 25L$ through Valentine’s Day, our Love-Love Twinkles are an adorable new twinkle pack featuring 10 versatile mesh shapes & 5 texture choices including tintable white~ ♥ Stop by to buy at the main store or Grab or gift at the SL Marketplace!Read more

Bubbling up a brothy brew~

We’re back for We ♥ Roleplay this month, bringing you an all-new stylized cauldron for your home & sim~ Perfect for Harry Potter fanatics, Goreans, Medieval-fantasy roleplayers, and so many more – even just hardcore campers! Only 1 land impact, with 4 beautiful texture choices + On/Off lighting with baked...Read more


Fifty Linden Friday is back, and with it we have the paired table set to the exceptionally popular Lawson Couch & Chair set – the Timeless Tables. These beautiful golden embellished wooden tables come with a variety of textures to take you through the ages, from soft & cute pastels,...Read more

Ethereal Clouds, for Blush~!

Blush opens at midnight SLT tonight for it’s second round~ We’re releasing some lovely all-new twinkling mesh clouds there for you! These gorgeous mesh clouds, trails, and sparkle clouds are sure to add infinitely versatile magic to any of your photos, sim builds, dreamy waterways, illuminated paths, and so much...Read more