Quirky Tuesday~

This week we have the unusual and unique offering of this slightly cartoony, Low Poly-styled Cactus Lamp! This adorable lamp is LOD optimised, materials enhanced, just 1 land impact, & has functional on/off states on click. Only 25L$ this week Inworld & on the SL Marketplace ♥Read more

Finders, Keepers!

The Finders, Keepers hunt is back on this month – a few days late on my posting – sorry! Stop by and get these Twinkle Poppies for FREE by seeking out the golden pot~ The Twinkly Clover are also just 38L$ for this adorable 3-piece mini-pack for a limited time...Read more

Flickering Fairy Bottles~

A beautifully detailed & corked glass bottle filled with soft swirling lights~ This lovely bottle features magical flickering inworld projector & ambient lighting, as well as detailed materials, & a fun twinkle noise on click, as if the tiny spirits are giggling or chattering at you. Only 25L$ this week!...Read more

Delicate Ivy @ Blush!

Our latest and best ivy set ever is out now~ The goal with the Delicate Ivy set was to address many of the comments brought up on our very popular Twinkling Ivy last year, such as other twinkle colour choices, bare/snowy options for year round use, reverse shapes, and more...Read more

Essential Campfire: 75% off limited time promo!

Our new Essential Campfire is out – and if you’ve been following me and my journey with it, you’ll know what a labor of love it has been. This simple campfire comes with a robust custom scripted menu, optimised around what all I could squeeze from 1 land impact. That...Read more