Who does not love free things?

Well, I have two! For our special awesome group members =)

One is a freebie released to be picked up exclusively inworld at our store – the Rum special edition cask rack!

You wont find this one in the notices, but right at the entrance to our main store on Neyo. 

The other? You’ll find it in group notices celebrating our 800 group member benchmark! Actually, we’re at 836 inworld, and I am thrilled to pieces for it. You can grab it both in notices or also at the main store in Neyo on the wall outside.

This adorable clump of ferns comes in 3 tones from a vibrant green to a darker one more fitting many sims nowadays. They are only 1 prim each for a clump of 4.

You’ll also be able to pick up either of these after they disappear at the main store by visiting our freebie center @ Neyo.

 Well, hopefully if you haven’t you might find it worth to take a visit to our store and join our group! I love freebies and cheapies, and aim to be affordable to everyone! I’d rather sell to 100 people for less then 10 for more while still maintaining a quality average!

Best wishes, and wish me best on this my 21st birthday week &; wedding day the 25th of June!


Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?