A delicious and cozy 25L$ Tuesdays

Our latest 25L$ Tuesday item is out this week – the Firepit Set! This three piece set is a versatile and timeless grouping of unscripted (low lag) 1 land impact pieces. Both copyable and modifiable, you’ll be able to pick this set up for just 25L$ until 11:59pm SLT tonight...Read more

Yar! Ahoy Captain~

The Captain’s Lanterns is a set of 3 lanterns hanging off of ropes on hooks shapes. These are available in wall and ceiling hook options & are 1 LI each, Copy & Mod, and 100% Original Mesh There is 4 metal options for the lantern/hooks. This new release is available...Read more

25L$ Tues release~

It’s that time! 25L$ Tuesdays is here again~! Only 25L$ until 11:59pm SLT Full price after~ We have another offering this week, the Fishy Rack 1 LI Copy & Mod 100% Original Mesh Detachable Bucket too~ Teleport to the main store and follow the signs!Read more

The Fantasy Collective – Pirate!

This April 20th, The Fantasy Collective finally opened! We have this supercute Leaky Boat Dock Set – Pirate Edition as a limited duration offer for the event~ This item CANNOT and  WILL NOT be sold for at least 3 months after the event, so please be sure to pick it...Read more

PSA: Customer Discount Revision – Coming Soon!

At Dysfunctional Designs, we have had a customer loyalty discount for quite some time as a bonus to our awesome customers. Unfortunately, when we implemented it we had absolutely no idea how the store and sales would spiral out of control into a much bigger beast that it is today....Read more

Rainbowy Freeness!

Two freebies! The Very Dysfunctional Book which emits rainbow ribbons of awesome is available for free to everyone in the upstairs of our freebie building~ Spring Doodle Sign – Group Gift Version with the Happy Sunshine Beneath Rainbow is free to all Dysfunctional Designs group members! Stop by the main...Read more

25L$ Tuesday!

This adorable spring doodle sign with 8 cute spring themed art on it is available for just 25L$ until 11:59pm SLT Tuesday, so be sure to stop by and get it soon! 1 Land Impact Copy & Mod Texture change 100% original mesh! Visit the store and follow the green...Read more

Dysfunctional Sandbox!

At Dysfunctional Designs, we’re always trying to give a little back to our customers. For example, have you visited our freebie area? We have something for everyone, and a fair bit extra for those who are in our store group! As a part of trying to give back to the...Read more

Studying & a 25L$ Tuesday!

Two new releases! One a regular, and one for a super discounted price for just 24 hours as a part of 25L$ Tuesdays! Our regular release~ 1 LI, Copy & Mod, 100% original mesh 9 solo animations with a variety of wearable props to match 145L$ Available in the new...Read more

Spring Cleaning!

Is your inventory a DISASTER? Spring is the time for cleaning, and along with the formal announcement & opening of our new casually moderated sandbox, we’re hosting an “Inventory Cleaning” party this Saturday from 8am til 8pm SLT at the all-new Dysfunctional Sandbox. More information will be announced later this...Read more