Lovey Tuesday~

Tis the lovey ♥ themed season, and tis nearly Tuesday too! For this 25L$ Tuesday, we have the all new Lovey Lanterns~ Our 6 normal wood textures + materials Bonus pink wood texture In-world tintable & On/Off Candles 1 Land Impact Each & can resize a bit more to be...Read more

Lazy Beam

Lazy sunday is back and for this round we have the Bulb Beam~ This 1 land impact hanging light fixture is a gorgeous accent to any home or space with rustic charm and modern electrical convenience! Also included is a higher land impact version which will hold the LOD for...Read more

Lovey Dovey 25L$ Tuesday~

25L$ Tuesday is back, and easing just a little in to Valentine’s Day mush~ We have an all-new Heart Corner Shelf, available in our normal 6 wood tones, as well as a bonus pink one (shown) for an extra touch of festive love. ♥ 1 land impact and scales up...Read more

Curves Shelves for FLF

FLF is back and with it we have an all-new item~! A simple set of texture change shelving~ 1-2 land impact each, 9 models (3 shown), with 6 wood texture in an easy-delete menu. You can also change the outside wood texture independently for hybrid looks! Only 50L$ for this...Read more

Simply Tuesday~

Tis 25L$ Tuesday again, and we have another Simple Wooden piece for you~ This 1 land impact, texture change standing mirror is a great filler. ♥ Includes specularity and bump mapping for enhanced effects for lighting. Stop by the main store to grab your copy now or gift!Read more