Fifty Linden Friday’s Armoire

This week for FLF we have the normal pack color of the Simple Wooden Armoire, a 2 land impact large decor piece with honeycomb pattering on the front two doors. Doors slide to open. It’s only 50L$ as an introductory sale for Fifty Linden Friday’s this week~ Teleport to the...Read more

Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire is back for their 2016 Relay for Life season~ The 14-sim build is more gorgeous than ever, and we were fortunate to be placed on the Breeze sim, designed by Kayle Matzerath, a Fantasy Faire favorite. For this years celebrations, we have two brand new items in exclusive...Read more

25L$ Shelfday

I hate naming things, and my titles keep getting weirder. Anyways, these are some Simple Wooden Shelves! Shown is the included large rack and the single rack, large has 2 texture faces to change for mix & match combos. Each is just 1 Land Impact. 6 Wood Textures, per usual....Read more

A simple fancy Tuesday

Happy 25L$ Tuesday~ Just a simple round this time. You can stop by and collect this trio of Fancy Goblets in either Silver or Bronze (shown)~ Dispenses a wearable version to your guests! Visit the main store now. ♥Read more

Paths Magic!

For this week of Lazy Sunday, we have the Moorside Paths out! These all new, physics-enabled, bump/spec mapped paths are 1-2 land impact each (most 1 land impact, 16 LI as shown with all 12 pieces) and include 7 wood options, as well as 7 snowy wood options.  The script...Read more

FLF Gazebo~!

Happy Fifty Linden Friday’s~! This all-new Moorside set matching Gazebo is our latest addition. 6 land impact at approx 6m x 5m in size with detailed beaming, shadowing, and spec/normal maps! Only 50L$ for Fifty Linden Fridays. Teleport to the main store now! ♥ Read more