An excerpt from the notecard sold with her:


Thank you for picking up my Slave Girl in Green outfit & avatar set!

This outfit, while not completely free – is meant to be for new or starting avatars who might be interested in Gorean or Medieval/Medieval-Fantasy roleplay sims!

It is a generic fern-green tied sarong & top. The bottom does NOT fully cover the genitals, and a pair of tintable panties are included to assist in this if you are prudeish. Since this was intended as a slave girl of Gor outfit originally, panties would be unnecessary as slaves never wore them (it was infact, forbidden.)

The default avatar included will fit a medium top, and a medium or small bottom. If you choose to use your own shape, you may need to adjust it accordingly.

Because the dress is mesh, it comes in 3 sizes should you choose to use your own shape, by default please wear the SMALL (S) dress with this avatar. If your body pokes out, please try another size or adjust your shape. If the ties, which are non rigged (do not conform with your body) are not  in quite the right spot, edit them and adjust them (while on your body) until it suits.

It includes a hair, two skins, and a shape for those who are without, as well as 4 options of eyes, a bald base (to hide default hair) a default radar for those who are nosey, as well as a free AO with a selection of stands. It also includes an Animator HUD which you can add your own animations to – useful for dances or case specific anims.

None of this is meant to be permanent or a staple, this is a starter set for those without. I do not claim to have made or originally designed any piece, merely modified (where applicable) and compiled them into a set. As far as I know, everything in the set is legal to be resold in this condition. Please let me know if not.
 If you find it to be worth more value to you, I urge you to visit us and ‘donate’ by purchasing our wares (they start at under 100L$ for quality mesh items) @

Again, I appreciate you picking this up. If you would be interested in having a sign, box, crate, barrel – etc at your sim for this to be distributed, please let me know. I still will require the minimum cost so to not violate any user licensing agreements, but I think it is fair and hope you will too.

Anke Hatchuk
Dysfunctional Designs, 6/21/2012

Hope you like her! She is available inworld & will be available shortly on the MP and in vendors.

Written by Admin Cat

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