Yep! That’s right, we finally got into 25L$ Tuesday, so this week we’re kicking it off with 2 products:

First, a 4 pack of sculpted rugs that usually sells for 140L$ – released last week &
secondly – books on a shelf for just one prim! – the ones seen in the top right corner.

We’re also releasing 2 and 3 prim varieties with candles, we anticipate more candle-y products in the near future and so much more, so keep your ears open, and stop by tonight/tomorrow!

The other books on shelf varieties come in 2 and 3 prim options, if you choose to omit the candle glow prim it’ll only ever be  a minimal 2 prims for a beautiful, non particle candle effect. They’re on display at the store and for sale (copyable of course!!) for 85L$ per shelf or 235L$ for all 4, so that you can decorate on a budget without being repetitive!

They’re also unscripted, and do not include ‘real’ SL lighting, so we keep you low on the laggy charts too.

You can check them out at our Marketplace store or inworld at our ever growing mainstore on Neyo .

But you can only purchase individual shelves in world =)

Hope to see you soon, and make sure to pick up the sales while they last ! (they end March 20th, 11:59 PM!)


Written by Admin Cat

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