A new week, a new 25L$ Tuesdays round!
This week it’s “Black Tuesday!” a round where 39 designers are participating in this great event! Each of us has at least one item for 25L$, but several have up to FIVE items! So be sure to check them out @ the 25L$ Tuesdays Blog!
Our two items for 25L$ are the “Golden Bells” Garland Swag & the “Plaid” Muffin Basket!

The rest of the items are priced accordingly:
Garland Swag: 100L$ (come in 2 sizes)
Plain Garland Swag: 150L$ (item is modifyable, decorated are NOT)
Muffins Basket: 95L$ (Grungy version will be in a hunt on the 1st December, if you can wait!)
Items ARE already on the Marketplace & all vendors inworld!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?