It’s that time again – you all know it if you’ve been shopping with us for long – 25L$ Tuesdays!
Each week we participate, we offer up an all original creation for a mere 25L$ for 24 hours until 11:59 pm SLT Tuesday night (or sometimes a little more, it’s out early tonight!) 
This week we have the Market Tent!
Versatile & tintable – this detailed little tent is a meager 2 prims at a 5×5 footprint and 3m tall.
It comes with a grayscale texture applied which is very tintable and takes all varieties of colours well so that you can have variation with minimal work – furthermore, we’ve included the AO map inside of the tent so you can export it and make your own textures.
125L$ normally, copy & mod

Written by Admin Cat

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