Another week with 25L$ Tuesdays! I had the unfortunate case of a broken motherboard and cpu, essentially leaving me without a computer while setting up for FaMESHed, We Love RP, and 25L$ Tuesdays. I begged and borrowed my husband for a few hours to get them done.
We *finally* finished it at about 11pm Monday night, just in time for me to animate this & get it out to you guys! I’m very excited to offer you a lovely Writing Desk!
It’s 3 prims and features the most basic of gender neutral animations – one sitting facing front, one facing back, and one for writing on the parchment. Wearable quill is included. 2 prims if you choose to have it without the bonus Scroll Case on the side. 
This item is only 25L$ until 11:59 Tuesday night, wherein it will be a regular price of 185L$.
We’ll be doing a big roll out for updates on the Marketplace this week now that I am able to do stuff again, meanwhile check out all of them at our main store.

Written by Admin Cat

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