Fall Fete is here, and wow is it beautiful! Grace Loudon did astoundingly with the sim design.
Our stall is set up as the first on the right hand side, visible as you’re heading down towards the booths – filled with pumpkins galore, as well as some pretty cute little afterthoughts.
I absolutely ~do~ plan on putting out a few more pieces as the week progresses, as well as having it all up both on the Marketplace & inworld in short order, so check back there if you don’t see it at first.
**Note: 25L$ Discount will NOT be applied @ Main store or Marketplace shopping experiences, these items at these prices (just a meager 10c USD!) are only available @ Fall Fete.**
Here is a quick snapshot of our basic stall at this moment!
There is definitely something for everybody – candles everywhere, pumpkins, fruit bowls… 
& My favorite is the hanging candle jar lights! I am just in love with them.
To read more about 25L$ Tuesday & their event schedule: 25L$ Tuesday Website

Written by Admin Cat

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