This week we not only have TWO awesome items for you for 25L$ Tuesdays…
But we have FOUR other releases besides! All of them are pretty small & affordable for your pocketbook~
The Hanging & Walled Hooks feature either Supplies (=25L$ items this week) or Pots, they’re 1 prim each and regularly 95L$! The Hanging versions include optional lengths of chains!
As well, we have a simple rug for 45L$ which is 1 prim and tints nicely.
And my favorite! This is the “Kitchen Supply Shelf”! It has a bunch of scrolls for your favorite recipes or hidden missives, bottles, jars, and veggies! It’s also only a super great 2 prims for all these details and standing at a full 2m high. It would look AWESOME with the rest of our Rustic Kitchen & Dining releases earlier this week. It is only 165L$.
I hope you’ll stop by to pick them up at our main store location (especially as the Supplies versions of the Hooked items are only 25L$ this Tuesday as part of 25L$ Tuesday!) but if you’d like, we also have them available @ our SL Marketplace store

Written by Admin Cat

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