Well, if you’re anywhere with proper seasons, leaves may be a familiar sight!
All my pretty red leaved maple trees just shed and are totally ugly now, which brings me to our latest product…
[DDD] Autumn Leaves Fun Pack is a new 5-piece kit with 4 types of ground cover and a big leaf pile for you to play in, or work on cleaning up (after playing in, of course!!)
Includes both adult and child fitted animations so that you can force your SL children to clean up your leaves, what else are they good for – right?
Each piece is just one land impact!
You’ll find it for a mere 25L$ (Yes! That is just 10c USD) until 11:59pm Tuesday night not only inworld -but- also on PrimBay, so you can shop from home!
After that, the price goes back up to 175L$, so be sure to stop by~
(PrimBay for promotional sales is experimental and may not be a permanent feature of our weekly sales.)

PS: Don’t forget that our [DDD] Frilly Pine Tree Pack, while available inworld, is still on sale for 145L$ off the regular price on PrimBay!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?