“Classic Red Potted Poinsettia”
A discount, single tone only version of our Potted Poinsettia line! In the traditional tone of red, this 1 land impact, unscripted, & copy/mod version is available regularly for 45L$!
Tonight and through Tuesday night at 11:59pm it is available for 25L$!

“Texture Change Potted Poinsettia”
Full-featured with 11 different texture options and 8 pot colours in an easy to use menu, this 1 land impact plant is very versatile and fun!
Also copy/mod, this texture change scripted version is available for 165L$.

“Texture Change Worn Poinsettia”
Surprise! I fell in love with the Poinsettia mesh, and wanted to wear it… So here it is for public use, too!
Also scripted for the same 11 different texture options of our potted version, it comes with a tintable white headband.
Copy/mod, this texture change scripted version is available for 155L$.

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?