Spooky Forest Trees for Wanderlust Weekend

Spooky Forest Trees for Wanderlust Weekend

Out now for a new event we are trying – our Spooky Forest Trees!

A fun themed variant of our popular Whispy trees, these thin little accent trees are the perfect accessory to dot your home, garden, and forest with this season.

Twinkles, swaying, and spook, oh my!

The set includes 3 unique tree models with optional purple twinkles. A low lag regionwide texture change script features a dark midnight purple, reddish hue, and dusky green tones of foliage atop darkened branches to compliment your haunted aesthetic.

Materials enhanced, and without the pesky risk of alpha flicker conflicts, these are sure to look great on all graphics settings. ♥

Only 50L$ this weekend for Wanderlust! Teleport to the main store & follow the signs~

Hocus Pocus is back!

Hocus Pocus is back!

Halloween is coming, and this year has been so tremendously busy irl with me moving and getting another job so I haven’t had the time to release all I had hoped and I’m so sorry!

Hopefully this Hocus Pocus candle trio that you can get for free will make up for it~


Just visit the Hocus Pocus display in our main store (look for the ghoul pictured below) and say “hocus pocus” in local chat to see if you won the prize.

For full instructions & info, check out their blogpost here.

This is what you’re looking for! Just type “hocus pocus” in chat next to him.

Is it November 9th and you’ve been unlucky or forgetful, but still want the item? You can pay 50L$ at any point during the event to get this cute minipack.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, happy Halloween everyone!

Teleport to the main store and play~

Oh look! The featured colour options for this minipack!
Nanshe’s Spring!

Nanshe’s Spring!

Please consider leaving a (very appreciated!) marketplace review! ♥

Out now for Fifty Linden Friday’s and 75% off – aka just 50L$!

Our all new Nanshe’s Spring, a delicate rock-surrounded pond with trickling waterfall detail featuring 7 seasonal texture choices & optional sound.

Only 3 land impact at approx 3m by 4m in size.

The sale is only on for this weekend only~

Teleport to the main store
Buy & Gift on the SL Marketplace

Hewn Stepping Stones

Hewn Stepping Stones

Out now for Fifty Linden Fridays, our Hewn Stepping Stones!
Including 8 texture choices, 12 shapes, materials, and optimised LODs – these just 1 land impact per piece stones are bound to be a timeless accent to your ponds, creeks, forest pathways, gardens, & more.
Available for a discounted price, 75% off for Fifty Linden Fridays at just 50L$!

PS: Consider leaving a very appreciated review! ♥

Decite Rock Wall – Group Gift

Decite Rock Wall – Group Gift

Sorry for the delay between gifts, but here is a new one!
I’m experimenting with new rock meshing methods and this is the result of some recent ones. I don’t think it’s really ‘good enough’ yet – but if you do, you can find it for free for [Dysfunctionality] group members inworld at the group gift shop! ♥
Includes the base mesh plus two slightly curved ones to help with corners, in 4 texture choices – 3 neutrals and a snowy.
Hope you’ll like it!

Antique Boxes for FLF

Antique Boxes for FLF

Antique Mirror Boxes are this weeks FLF item ♥
A cute, 1 land impact, materials enhanced, & LOD optimized pair of boxes – including both the closed and open option with a mirror face.
Each includes a huge 28 texture choice menu such as pastels, jewel tones, woods, and neutrals – allowing you to coordinate with any room!
These are perfect props in your roleplay scene to tuck away just about anything – and we hope you’ll enjoy them~


Our new multipiece Tumbled Garden Edgers are out now, and I’m sure you’ll love them!
A versatile set of low land impact, finely optimised meshes which were hand sculpted then carefully baked down into low poly meshes, complete with full LODs, materials enhanced, and 5 textures to bring you from snowy seasons to the Summer sun.
Available for a bargain price of 50L$ for this weekend’s Saturday Sale.

Reviews always appreciated ♥

Multitheme Cuddle Rug for FLF!

Multitheme Cuddle Rug for FLF!

Happy FLF again everyone ♥ Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been moving recently.
I hope this will be worth the wait, though – our Multitheme Cuddle Rug!
We’ll be releasing this in 3 installments, beginning with the PG/Lite variant, which runs a slimmed down amount of animations for a budget price that is everyone-friendly~
Our PG/Full variant with more than 3x as much animations will be out most likely this weekend at a separate sales price, and the Adult/Full hopefully within the month.
Each includes the 9 gorgeous texture options shown below, created by the wonderful and talented Alaska Metropolitan from alaskametro, please stop by her cosmetic and applier shop to see more of her work. ♥ 
As well as a customisation kit, allowing you to create your own textures!
This rug allows you to seat 3 people at once, with a handpicked array of quality solo single sits, cuddles, and 3-person cuddles.
The Lite version is only on sale for 50L$ this weekend only, so be sure to stop by & buy or gift it before it goes up to regular price.


Please consider leaving a review if you enjoy your product, reviews help future customers & our brand so immensely. Thank you.
The PG/FULL version is out now.
It features 20+19+18 solo poses, a crazy 61 couples cuddles, and 9 threesome cuddle animations, as well as further customisation options for mixing & matching the pillows.
If you have purchased/purchase the PG/LITE version on promo this weekend for 50L$, and purchase the PG/FULL version I will give you a 100L$ gift card PLUS a full refund of the original 50L$.
If you also leave a review on the SL Marketplace listing of the PG/FULL, I will upgrade the 100L$ gift card to a 200L$ gift card.
Beachy FLF!

Beachy FLF!

Fifty Linden Fridays is back and this round we have a beautiful set of Beach Boulders for you!
Don’t let the name fool you, these gorgeous softly eroded rocks feature mossy, snowy, and plain textures aside from the sandy option so that you can use them anywhere & any time~
Included are 8 mesh shapes + 1 solo rock, each varying from 2-4 meters in size, clusters from solo up to 11 rocks with useful shapes including a round option perfect for DIY ponds & campfire circles.
We hope you’ll love these simple versatile rocks – and for a limited time price of 75% off (50L$ vs future price of 195L$) it’s a steal to grab or gift!

Don’t forget to leave a review if you love them! We appreciate it so much!

Swirling Spirits

Swirling Spirits

A simple expansion on the swirlies we’ve used in the past both for embers in our own fireplaces & floating spirits of our popular Enchanted Pond – now standalone!
Includes 6 cute shapes with tintable 3 faces each + a control HUD for speed & optional rainbow textures.
Only 25L$ this Tuesday!